Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A little boy at last!

Today Ayla and Daisy were having fun chasing each other back and forth, until they eventually wore themselves out, then they went and did their own thing, but I have a feeling these sisters are going to stay very close for a long time to come.

But as my world usually does to me, I was suprised to see an egg lying around on the ground, lousy status bar, I forgot to bring you up again! I really need to start bringing the status bar up as soon as I start the game.

 This is Clancy, Jack and Alice's first son, I was dissapointed to see yet another Pixie head, but I can't change what has been done, as soon as Clancy hatched I knew he was going to be far more energetic than my other, almost constantly exhausted Norns.

After a long look at the tasty tomatoes, without actually touching any, I finally got Clancy to start following me, I noticed he is very excited about everything around him, eager for me to tell him what it all is, but he can wait for his family to do that.

As this photo shows nicely Clancy has Hebe Norn body, legs and arms (and tail as you can see above.) with a Pixie Norn head, he looks excited to meet his family below, as soon as the lift gets to the bottom.

Of course the entire family was completely exhausted, this is starting to annoy me now, but sure enough Daisy walked over to see her brother, at least Clancy looks happy about meeting the family.

Next up to meet Clancy was Ayla, the oldest of the second generation Norns, as always she was uninterested and tired, this is starting to become an epidemic!

Then Alice came along, as always, Clancy, excited, family member, tired, it seems that Clancy is immune to this strange, contagious form of Insomnia!
Soon after Alice walked off to push Doozer around, I think the Doozer might be keeping everyone awake.

Finally, Clancy found his father, but almost immediately after Jack fell fast asleep right behind him, standing up, but Clancy doesn't seem to mind, he seems to enjoy being around his family whether they like it or not.

Now, with another male around, Albia is safe to continue for generations to come (hopefully) but can this epidemic of Insomnia be stopped, can the Norns learn to sleep after playing around, lets hope so! :)


  1. What a cute and energetic little guy! Clancy has such an adorable smile. Exhausted Norns are never very fun to look at, and I always felt that they got exhausted far too quickly. Hopefully Clancy will be different from the rest of his family in this regard, though! Looks like he's just so excited about anything and everything! Maybe that energy will influence everyone else to stay wide awake, too. Good luck!

  2. Next time I play I'm going to remove the Doozer and a few of the toys to convince them to sleep a bit more or maybe I should use the computer to teach them what tired and exhausted mean. :P

    Fun Fact: Clancy was named after Clancy Brown, who played the antagonist in Highlander, the Kurgan. :)

  3. Waits eagerly for the next post. o.o