Friday, December 31, 2010

Sneaky, sneaky norn

 Today started like any other day, walking back and forth, eating food, tickling, getting mad, sleeping, getting mad again etc. To try and get my Norns somewhere I injected the Helicopter, but my Norns, being the unadventurous type, probably won't even get to the desert, let alone enter the Heli.

All was well, Ayla and Alice were playing together, Jack was chasing a Doozer to and fro, but I was getting rather bored of this daily routine I just wish they would go somewhere. *sigh*

I was watching Ayla playing around with a doozer while Alice and Jack had some time to themselves near the teleporter, later on I realised I forgot to open the status bar (why can't it stay open?) so I opened it up and was welcomed with and egg event, excited I clicked and look what I saw.

Jack is looking rather cheeky, but I was interested in the egg, only to find that it was behind the post, cheeky Jack must have hidden it from me!

But, as you tend to do with I new egg I rushed to the incubator, I started to wonder what this new baby would like like, would they look like Jack or Alice? Another Hebe head would be a nice sight.

This is Daisy, she looks almost exactly like her sister, Ayla. As an egg she was sneaky, hiding behind a post. But this sneakiness continues after hatching as she sneaks up on her tired family. I wondered how ecstatic they would be about their new family member.

Strangely Alice and Jack seemed to take no notice of her, perhaps they thought they were seeing doubles! But Daisy (Left) and Ayla (Right) clicked right away, Ayla started to show her younger sister around their home, they look so happy just to be spending time with each other! It's a shame Alice barely notices Daisy's existence!

But as ending on a happy note is always preferable, Alice woke up from her nap and was so happy to have another daughter to teach. Current Mother/Daughter activities include, toys, chasing Doozers and pushing buttons.

But Albia could be facing a crisis! If Jack were to pass on without any male children there would be no hope for Albia! (Except for the Hatchery) Hopefully a little boy will be on his way soon.

Unfortunatley I missed a great shot with Ayla and Daisy lying down smiling at each other, it almost looked like a mirror shot, missed it because of me being a little (well, alot) OCD about having speech bubbles in pictures. :(

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Design

I hope you like the new design, I prefer the look of the smooth rounded edges, and there aren't those annoying (to me) faint boxes around images any more. But the header image had to go because the transparancies show up white. :(

I'm working on a background image though, so keep a look out for that. ;)

Edit: Can anybody help with my header image, I know the areas that should be transparent, are, and I saved it as a .png, which support transparency, but whenever I set it as the header, the areas show up white. :(

Monday, December 27, 2010

Exploring... sort of...

 First on todays agenda, more food for the incubator area, those tomatoes don't last too long, so I grabbed the Carrot dispenser, the Ettin watching didn't seem too happy about it.

I took the dispenser over to my norns and dispensed some roots before taking the dispenser to my storage area. Jack seemed to be very interested, he couldn't wait for those tasty carrots to grow!

I wondered if any of my norns were interested in going exploring, so far none of them had been outside of the incubator level, so I called the submarine over to the west docks, in the hopes that some brave norn would hop inside and press a button.

Sure enough Jack came along and bravely pushed the button, without getting inside, sending the empty submarine away into the Grendel airlock, I didn't even know the submarine could go there! Smart Jack!

Eventually the Alice and Ayla bravely took a lift down to the unknowns of the floor below, they were far too exhausted to even feel excited about going exploring, so exhausted that Alice fell asleep on the way down!

After the pair looked around for a bit Jack came down to join them, one happy (exhausted) exploring family. So far this is the furthest any of the three have gone, without forcing them though they probably won't be going much further away from home. :(

 Things have been fine so far in Albia apart from the constant exhaustedness of my norns, and their lack of interest in exploring anywhere, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Another member of the family

When I was clearing the Desert of all those annoying cacti, thanks to the Plant Killer, I heard Alice and Jack kisspopping over and over (Well I did inject a few Love Potions :P), after a while they stopped, then I noticed the 'Egg' in my Status bar, so I went and had a look.

I had to wait a while to get the egg because Alice fell asleep right in front of it. When Alice finally woke up I grabbed the egg and put it in the incubator.

Meet Ayla, the first child of Alice and Jack, this is an exciting milestone for AV, she look alot like her father and she has the same problem with becoming exhausted way to easily and not taking a break for a long time after.

Soon after Alice and Jack wandered over and were so excited to meet little Ayla, they kept tickling her and kissing her so much that she felt crowded and got mad at them, but she soon settled and started to go and investigate her new world. I am taking a rather strange aproach to learning, rather than use the computers and get her to look at things then say it's name over and over, I'm just going to let Alice and Jack (Mostly Alice) pass their knowledge on, so far Alice has started to teach Ayla about fruit and toys, all seems well so far. :)

A new arrival

Alice was getting cramped up inside the learning area, so I decided to deactivate the gate and let her out, after all I needed to make room for the new Norn.

 I put the egg into the incubator wondering what sort of norn would come out, a mischevous Norn, a playful Norn, a shy Norn? Would he be as easy to teach as Alice?

After a while the incubator opened up and out came, what I think is a Pixie Norn with different pigments, this is Jack, he didn't learn quite as quickly as Alice and got easily distracted, I got most of his learning done, the rest he should either pick up from Alice or I'll teach him as he wanders.

Soon enough Alice wandered over to meet her new friend, they both seemed very happy (Missed the shot) after playing around with the various toys and wandering over to watch the fish in the ocean they both got very exhausted, but they continued to walk and Alice even started teaching Jack some words! They are inseperable they are always following one another.

But even the most energetic of Norns need their rest and Jack eventually fell asleep watching the fish swim around beneath him, while Alice went to investigate the pile of cheese near the teleporter.

I'm not sure if Ill post anything else today, but knowing me I might! :P

On the first day of Christmas...

After what seemed to me like an eternity I got the chance to hatch my first Norn into the world, I already knew the gender, but what breed would she be? Will she learn quickly? I would find out soon enough.

Before I knew it there she was, a beautiful little Hebe Norn, I named her Alice, as a tribute to the Manual. I immediately thought she was going to be a handful to teach.

But much to my surprise she was a quick learner, learning most words on the first try! I now know she has good genes to pass on. But she soon tired of learning, just when she was finished with the computer.

She was happy and excited by her new knowledge, but a little tired, she carried a piece of cheese over to the mushrooms, but after a little nap (Which she really needed) she decided the tomatoes looked tastier, so she walked over to them. Even then it took her a while to drop her cheese and have some fruit.

She was excited about everything, she kept trying to 'push', 'pull' and 'stop' everything she could see, even attempting to pull the hand! But play time was over and she needed to learn some more words.

 She quickly mastered the words 'food', 'drink', 'toy', 'fruit' and 'critter', but she decided that the fish was a little bored so she started to play around with it.

Although she was excited by everthing around her to push, she eventually calmed down to have a drink and eat some mushrooms, which now seem to have become her favourite food, I think she is about ready for a friend.

I might hatch the next Norn later today, if not tomorrow, so be sure to check back soon.
Also, be sure to check out Discover Albia, where Jessica has just started her new world in Creatures 1.

PS: Merry Christmas to everyone! I was going to put a nice picture of Alice with some Christmas COBs but I can't seem to find them in the injector kit. :P

Friday, December 24, 2010

Updating the blog design

As you may have noticed I have changed the blog's design a bit since yesterday, I'll probably tweak it again here and there for the next week or so, but for the most part I'm happy with it. So expect some more minor changes to the overall design soon.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Setting up the learning environment

Welcome to my new Creatures 2 blog, I hope to update twice a week or even more, so check back often.

Before I start I would just like to thank Jessica for her blog Discover Albia, which inspired me to create this one.

 Now to the topic at hand, I have started a new Creatures 2 world and am only using the official packs. (Life Kit #1 and #2, etc.)

Before I hatch my first Norn I have started to set up the area where he or she will spend the first part of their life, near the learning computer. I have put an electric gate to keep them inside the area (I hope it doesn't hurt them to much!), stocked up with some cheese, put some toys and a Doozer in the area just to keep it interesting for them.

I probably won't be able to update tomorrow, so expect some Norns Christmas Day. :)