Monday, December 27, 2010

Exploring... sort of...

 First on todays agenda, more food for the incubator area, those tomatoes don't last too long, so I grabbed the Carrot dispenser, the Ettin watching didn't seem too happy about it.

I took the dispenser over to my norns and dispensed some roots before taking the dispenser to my storage area. Jack seemed to be very interested, he couldn't wait for those tasty carrots to grow!

I wondered if any of my norns were interested in going exploring, so far none of them had been outside of the incubator level, so I called the submarine over to the west docks, in the hopes that some brave norn would hop inside and press a button.

Sure enough Jack came along and bravely pushed the button, without getting inside, sending the empty submarine away into the Grendel airlock, I didn't even know the submarine could go there! Smart Jack!

Eventually the Alice and Ayla bravely took a lift down to the unknowns of the floor below, they were far too exhausted to even feel excited about going exploring, so exhausted that Alice fell asleep on the way down!

After the pair looked around for a bit Jack came down to join them, one happy (exhausted) exploring family. So far this is the furthest any of the three have gone, without forcing them though they probably won't be going much further away from home. :(

 Things have been fine so far in Albia apart from the constant exhaustedness of my norns, and their lack of interest in exploring anywhere, any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Exploring is very exhausting! I remember that when playing Creatures 2, getting my Norns to explore on their own was virtually impossible. One of the easiest ways to move them around the world is by using the teleporter at the top of the lift near the incubator. It's almost as if they need to be kicked out of their original home to explore Albia! Perhaps summoning the submarine again could work: At least Jack ventured as far as pushing the button!