Saturday, December 25, 2010

On the first day of Christmas...

After what seemed to me like an eternity I got the chance to hatch my first Norn into the world, I already knew the gender, but what breed would she be? Will she learn quickly? I would find out soon enough.

Before I knew it there she was, a beautiful little Hebe Norn, I named her Alice, as a tribute to the Manual. I immediately thought she was going to be a handful to teach.

But much to my surprise she was a quick learner, learning most words on the first try! I now know she has good genes to pass on. But she soon tired of learning, just when she was finished with the computer.

She was happy and excited by her new knowledge, but a little tired, she carried a piece of cheese over to the mushrooms, but after a little nap (Which she really needed) she decided the tomatoes looked tastier, so she walked over to them. Even then it took her a while to drop her cheese and have some fruit.

She was excited about everything, she kept trying to 'push', 'pull' and 'stop' everything she could see, even attempting to pull the hand! But play time was over and she needed to learn some more words.

 She quickly mastered the words 'food', 'drink', 'toy', 'fruit' and 'critter', but she decided that the fish was a little bored so she started to play around with it.

Although she was excited by everthing around her to push, she eventually calmed down to have a drink and eat some mushrooms, which now seem to have become her favourite food, I think she is about ready for a friend.

I might hatch the next Norn later today, if not tomorrow, so be sure to check back soon.
Also, be sure to check out Discover Albia, where Jessica has just started her new world in Creatures 1.

PS: Merry Christmas to everyone! I was going to put a nice picture of Alice with some Christmas COBs but I can't seem to find them in the injector kit. :P


  1. I just go by the book, well, manual.

  2. Congratulations on your first Norn! Alice is adorable, and it looks like she's thoroughly enjoying the beginning of her life! I love how she played with the fish: Quite cute!

    I thought there were official holiday COBs included with C2, but I didn't see any in my injector kit, either. Funny how Christmas items were released for a few years for C1, but it looks like none came out for C2. Interesting!

    I hope you have a great Christmas, too! I'm looking forward to meeting Alice's new friend in the next few days!

  3. One set of Christmas COBs did come out for C2 and they are supposed to be included. :P

    I've already hatched the next Norn and taken some pictures, I'll probably post the next post soon. :)