Friday, December 31, 2010

Sneaky, sneaky norn

 Today started like any other day, walking back and forth, eating food, tickling, getting mad, sleeping, getting mad again etc. To try and get my Norns somewhere I injected the Helicopter, but my Norns, being the unadventurous type, probably won't even get to the desert, let alone enter the Heli.

All was well, Ayla and Alice were playing together, Jack was chasing a Doozer to and fro, but I was getting rather bored of this daily routine I just wish they would go somewhere. *sigh*

I was watching Ayla playing around with a doozer while Alice and Jack had some time to themselves near the teleporter, later on I realised I forgot to open the status bar (why can't it stay open?) so I opened it up and was welcomed with and egg event, excited I clicked and look what I saw.

Jack is looking rather cheeky, but I was interested in the egg, only to find that it was behind the post, cheeky Jack must have hidden it from me!

But, as you tend to do with I new egg I rushed to the incubator, I started to wonder what this new baby would like like, would they look like Jack or Alice? Another Hebe head would be a nice sight.

This is Daisy, she looks almost exactly like her sister, Ayla. As an egg she was sneaky, hiding behind a post. But this sneakiness continues after hatching as she sneaks up on her tired family. I wondered how ecstatic they would be about their new family member.

Strangely Alice and Jack seemed to take no notice of her, perhaps they thought they were seeing doubles! But Daisy (Left) and Ayla (Right) clicked right away, Ayla started to show her younger sister around their home, they look so happy just to be spending time with each other! It's a shame Alice barely notices Daisy's existence!

But as ending on a happy note is always preferable, Alice woke up from her nap and was so happy to have another daughter to teach. Current Mother/Daughter activities include, toys, chasing Doozers and pushing buttons.

But Albia could be facing a crisis! If Jack were to pass on without any male children there would be no hope for Albia! (Except for the Hatchery) Hopefully a little boy will be on his way soon.

Unfortunatley I missed a great shot with Ayla and Daisy lying down smiling at each other, it almost looked like a mirror shot, missed it because of me being a little (well, alot) OCD about having speech bubbles in pictures. :(


  1. Congratulations on the new baby Norn! Funny how Daisy and Ayla are virtually identical: Out of all the combinations, it would seem almost impossible to end up with the same appearance! I love how Jack hid Daisy's egg and looked so happy about it!

    I'm practically the same about missing photos due to speech bubbles. I include them every now and then when they add on to the story, but I miss out on some nice pictures when a lot of Norns gather together. Someone needs to teach them to tone down the constant chatter! Ha ha!

  2. If I really wanted to, it wouldn't be much trouble to cut/paste from pictures of the background and the actually Norn sprites to remove the speech bubbles, but that would take a while depending on the amount of pictures.

    As for more little Norns, I'm especially hoping for a male with a Hebe head, I'm getting a little bored of hair. :P

  3. (Curse you blogger/blogspot for not having comment editing!)

    I'm thinking of slighty documenting the Grendels and Ettins, the Ettin in my world gets around alot. :)

  4. Personally I love reading the speech bubbles. I think they're cute what the norns say and sometimes can add to the charm of the post.. like when your norn called you daddy!