Saturday, December 25, 2010

Another member of the family

When I was clearing the Desert of all those annoying cacti, thanks to the Plant Killer, I heard Alice and Jack kisspopping over and over (Well I did inject a few Love Potions :P), after a while they stopped, then I noticed the 'Egg' in my Status bar, so I went and had a look.

I had to wait a while to get the egg because Alice fell asleep right in front of it. When Alice finally woke up I grabbed the egg and put it in the incubator.

Meet Ayla, the first child of Alice and Jack, this is an exciting milestone for AV, she look alot like her father and she has the same problem with becoming exhausted way to easily and not taking a break for a long time after.

Soon after Alice and Jack wandered over and were so excited to meet little Ayla, they kept tickling her and kissing her so much that she felt crowded and got mad at them, but she soon settled and started to go and investigate her new world. I am taking a rather strange aproach to learning, rather than use the computers and get her to look at things then say it's name over and over, I'm just going to let Alice and Jack (Mostly Alice) pass their knowledge on, so far Alice has started to teach Ayla about fruit and toys, all seems well so far. :)


  1. Ayla is beautiful, and I adore her name! At least she knows her parents love her... But it sounds like they were a little too excited about her arrival at first! Good luck with the different approach to learning: I like teaching my Norns, but adults are perfectly capable of teaching the young ones if they want to. Sounds like Alice is taking on that role, but hopefully Jack will also participate!

  2. Well alot of the time it seems like they are learning together, apparently most of Jack's learning didn't sink in. :P