Saturday, December 25, 2010

A new arrival

Alice was getting cramped up inside the learning area, so I decided to deactivate the gate and let her out, after all I needed to make room for the new Norn.

 I put the egg into the incubator wondering what sort of norn would come out, a mischevous Norn, a playful Norn, a shy Norn? Would he be as easy to teach as Alice?

After a while the incubator opened up and out came, what I think is a Pixie Norn with different pigments, this is Jack, he didn't learn quite as quickly as Alice and got easily distracted, I got most of his learning done, the rest he should either pick up from Alice or I'll teach him as he wanders.

Soon enough Alice wandered over to meet her new friend, they both seemed very happy (Missed the shot) after playing around with the various toys and wandering over to watch the fish in the ocean they both got very exhausted, but they continued to walk and Alice even started teaching Jack some words! They are inseperable they are always following one another.

But even the most energetic of Norns need their rest and Jack eventually fell asleep watching the fish swim around beneath him, while Alice went to investigate the pile of cheese near the teleporter.

I'm not sure if Ill post anything else today, but knowing me I might! :P


  1. Welcome to the world, Jack! What a cute and handsome little guy he is! I sympathize with you about missing those perfect shots... Seems like Norns, Grendels, and Ettins alike pose at the wrong moment, or seem to conspire to show their sad faces all the time! Jack looks like he had a create time taking his nap, though!

  2. He must have enjoyed it, he was sleeping there for a few minutes.