Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sorry for the lack of updates

I've been really busy with school lately, I hope I can get another update within the next week or so, but I might be buying Sims 3 on Friday (I've had 2 years and I only just get around to buying it. Shame on me!), so that could mean more delays, or more updates.

Anybody interested in also having a Sims story to go on the blog?


  1. I understand what you're saying. I'm personally not interested in a sims blog, you can find many of those already all over the internet. If you ever played oblivion I would be interested in an oblivion journal though :D

    I am having a hard time also getting to update my creatures page. I actually was going to do an update yesterday but for some reason the site would not let me upload pictures... what luck D:

  2. Oblivion! I love Oblivion, never thought of blogging about it though. Thanks for the idea Kittie! :)

    Although, a few mods would be used, I can't keep away from mods, nothing overly crazy though. :P

  3. I am an oblivion nut myself and have like, a billion mods. My favorite mod site is tes nexus. I thought about doing an oblivion blog/journal myself but thought against it because I didn't want to overwhelm people suddenly with ten different blogs.
    I'll probly get back into heavy creatures blogging about spring. Looking out at the beautiful weather, green grass and flowers outside my window always gets me in the mood!